Releasing the Valve

Instinctively, with a kind of ferocious, primal desire to unleash the forces of the media torrent, TRUMP has released the valve that heretofore has never been opened quite this wide.

How Democracy Implodes on Itself

When there is a convergence between political aggression and the tabloid antics of popular culture, democracy implodes on itself.

The Voice is the Source

The VOICE is the SOURCE… As for me, it is not only the words but the SNDS that are ACTIVATED by the VOICE. These activations set the stage SONICALLY.

The Medium is the Message of Uncertainty

If the government is the SYSTEM, and TRUMP is the NOISE, then instability and entropy is the result. Whereas NOISE can be a desirable SIGNAL disruption to create interest + surprise, NOISE can also be agitated + uncertain + chaotic to the point of disintegrating the SYSTEM.

The Authenticity of the Navigational Gesture

The everyday gesture of roaming + exploring + swimming through the space of the media constitutes the authentic experiential reception of the world around us in all of its abundance.

The Constancy of Stimulation

…the need for rhythmic drive, the seduction of the FLOW, the mind unceasingly energized, the pulsing noise is the, leitmotif of our technological reality…