Trance Operation on the Hypnotic Signal

Trance operation on the hypnotic signal to induce waves of contamination that infiltrate our daily consciousness + leak through our collective nervous system, thus a counter-inducement provoking an otherworldly response to the mesmerizing seduction of the Broadcast.

Wall of Mediation

You can think of the Wall as concrete or steel, but in the XTreme TRUMPological non-stop 24/7 continuous flow…

Maximum Chaos

Media entropy building, emerging, coagulating, and exploding into Maximum Chaos.

Merging our Streams

We must REORDER THE BROADCAST, merging our streams in the most socially provocative disorderly ways.

We are the #TV

W3 are the #TV, W3 are the #Medium, W3 are the #Message, W3 are the #Flux, W3 are the #Real #D3sord3r, W3 are #Facebook, W3 are the #!nt3rn3t, W3 are the #NeWWWorlDisorder


Geopolitical systems are breaking down. It is the New World Disorder.


This proves, once and for all, that we have with absolute certainty entered the age of the post reality.

No Turning Back

With the election in its final throes, hurtling towards a crashing, churning, disintegrating grand finale, there is no turning back.

A Cooked Slice of our Media Diet

During the final stretch of this epic horror show of a political campaign, I am, as an artist of the post reality, ingesting the torrent, systems ON…

Releasing the Valve

Instinctively, with a kind of ferocious, primal desire to unleash the forces of the media torrent, TRUMP has released the valve that heretofore has never been opened quite this wide.