Licking Away at the Delicious Shadows

I am putting on my mask filters that serve as lenses for peering into this strange and forbidden reality, a reality gone haywire, out of kilter, unbalanced, unchained, teetering on the edge of its tumultuous equilibrium.

A Profoundly Digitally Resplendent Moment in Time

I hear these hypnotic, always-on, continuously changing pulsations in my head, firing off in my brain, the incessant electronic noise exploding all around me, a force to reckon and distill with the GREATEST of Pleasure…

In Defense of the Body Politic

I Dream of transforming + breaking down the media torrent into a thing of beauty, deconstructing its toxic elements, decontextualizing, decontaminating…

A Study in Information

The media FLOW that emanates from the Bunker is a study in information: excess, noise, beauty, comprehensibility, seduction, control, and systems management.

Take a Ride on the Flow

And what if the result of this transmission is to expose the massive ingestion of the daily media diet we consume each and every day?