Alchemical Transformation

Alchemical Transformation

Open the studio and let it flow. Fluid and wide open. The studio is a window into the world. There are no boundaries. Everything comes in and then goes back out again. Turn on the microphone and let it go. Continuous. It is simply a genuine life force that keeps it going. Nothing more. Nothing less. There is no shortage of stories. The material is infinitely deep. There are as many stories as there are events and places and people and things, and the pixels to describe them… There is no such thing as an Interruption 10.8.10

Ambient light in the dark with no source or distance. Multiple cameras capture all angles at once, all-seeing. Talking heads from broadcast news become strange melodies that haunt. The microphone picks up every frequency that can be thought and sounded. Everything adheres to the pulse, though the pulse may be hidden. A ghost pulse. The narrator disappears, becomes a phantom in the night. The voice is disembodied… The alchemical transformation of perception

Induce an alchemical transformation of the senses… I declare myself an alchemist for the post reality… with an underground operation at ground zero in the nation’s capital….

Perhaps the hypnotic power of the “trance-media” can induce an alchemical transformation in the mind of the viewer? The violence of hypnosis is sublimated into rhythmic structures: giant, powerful rhythmic structures…

Alchemy is an act of falsification, between the danger of knowledge and the promise of power: a coded grail of transcendence… Induce an Alchemical Transformation

But no matter how hard you try the other side begins to leak right through the facade, and takes hold of you: hypnotic, seductive…

I can play this game, I can master these alchemical tricks of the machine… What happens when the other side leaks through?

Disrupt the surface and begin to draw us deeper into that OTHERWORLDLY REALM, through sorcery technique and alchemical transformations… Journal

Artifice may be the operative word in the hands of the artist… Induce an alchemical transformation of the senses

When you aim correctly, there is a synthesis of beauty and darkness in a brief flash of combustion…Tracking the mediated experience

The studio is a launch pad for dreams. It is my alchemical laboratory where anything is possible, so long as I believe. And oh, do I believe.

Well, I dare say, it’s all just one grand experiment I conduct in my studio. I may be lost, but I will always find my way.

These shattered pixels and hurtling trajectories of sound never seem to quite add up to anything very real: except the liberation of being eternally lost. A dreamer who gets lost in the creation of his own world

Everything I touch turns to pixels, shattered noise and gleaming colors cycling through my eyes, and ears, breaking up into the ether: amorphous and intangible. That’s where I live.

We are seduced by the wonder of these alchemical transformations that have altered our experience of being in the world: one that is highly connected, instantaneous, fabricated, and made-to-order… The Post Reality Show returns (and its cold down there)

This is my process in the studio: an orchestrator of the Feed, the stream – a torrent of pixels and invisible binary data – applying a bit of algorithmic magic to intoxicate the senses, as cathartic shock to the toxic system of the ebb and flow of media ingestion and exhalation… Feed

To jolt us suddenly out of our stupor into the realm of magic, an alchemical transformation of sorts, shifting our senses beyond the mundane and the sleepy, beyond the sorry state that brings us to the comfort of the Broadcast and the obedient assimilation of its contamination… The Contamination of the Broadcast

That’s what it’s all about: finding an impossible means of showing what couldn’t possibly be shown… The impossible studio transmission