Episode 1 – Desert Return

Episode 1 – Desert Return I return to the Desert to reunite with Orf, my long-lost guide through the Underworld of America. Charles Lane as Orf Sean Blinn as Generale Discorde Richard Dana as the Chief Correspondent of the Intermedium Between Art & Life

Episode 2 – Danger:Artist@Work

Episode 2 – Danger:Artist@Work I became an input | output data processor, an algorithmic self, a mutated virus, inhabiting the Medial Space, while Keyonna burrows her way into the urban space in the act of living and being an activist artwork. Keyonna Jones as the Artist of the Urban Space Sean Blinn as Generale Discorde […]

Episode 3 – Alien Worlds

Episode 3 – Alien Worlds I no longer knew what was real and what was not, all separation had collapsed in on itself, while Katie releases her alien persona from the beyond. Katie Magician as the Alien Force Sean Blinn as Generale Discorde Katie Magician delivers THE RANT Elon Musk as Himself

Episode 4 – The Golden Key

Episode 4 – The Golden Key And then the answer came, but not without a steep price: the Golden Key that would be our guide through the labyrinthine pursuit of all things post real: a cathartic dialogue with the poet Marc Bamuthi Joseph. Marc Bamuthi Joseph as the Poet


  ENTER We as artists, activists & just plain everyday citizens must take to THE NETWORK to shape our own narratives, NOT beholden to the mainstream broadcast channels, the politicians, the pundits, or THE MOGULS!!!   In the MIND-NUMBING DISINFORMATION CHAOS of the Broadcast Media, we are living in the post reality (somewhere between what […]