Countering the Disinformation War

In these post-post-modernist times, there is no singular truth, rather, we are fading into a dark zone of murkiness, increasingly unable to distinguish between real and fake, truth and lies, the original from the simulation.

And so we enter into this post real dilemma of the impeachment hearings, in which we are riding the roller coaster of confusion and chaos stirred by an alternative reality, an alternative mindset, an alternative narrative designed for no other reason than to protect TRUMP, and thereby cause the collateral damage of blowing up the political system by descending into chaos and repetition.

We must use techniques of mediation to see clearly what is unfolding before us by illuminating the disinformation, amplifying the disinformation, submerging ourselves in the disinformation, in order to fully reveal its manipulative effects.

What do you think?