The Self-compulsion of Ideological Thinking

Just as terror even its pre-total merely tyrannical form ruins all relationships between men, so the self-compulsion of ideological thinking ruins all relationship with reality.

A Phantom in the Night

It all makes me wonder why I am always the outsider, a phantom in the night, sometimes non-existent to the powers that be.

The Opposite of Fear is Hope

The opposite of fear is hope, defined as the expectation of good fortune not only for ourselves but for the group to which we belong.

Countering the Disinformation War

In these post-post-modernist times, there is no singular truth, rather, we are fading into a dark zone of murkiness, increasingly unable to distinguish between real and fake, truth and lies, the original from the simulation.

Beyond the Edge of the Real

Perhaps this descent into a digitalized chaos, this immersion in the Torrent, this need to bathe in electronic particles that swirl around me, is my way of coping with the forces of XTreme TRUMPological Xcess that casts a dark cloud over us all.