Trance Operation on the Hypnotic Signal

Trance operation on the hypnotic signal to induce waves of contamination that infiltrate our daily consciousness + leak through our collective nervous system, thus a counter-inducement provoking an otherworldly response to the mesmerizing seduction of the Broadcast.

I Conducted Savage Media Experiments on Myself and the BROADCAST

I thought of Arthur Rimbaud, my poetic muse, who revealed the artist as a mercurial mutator of the sensorial, and I believed, (yes I truly believed!) that I could resurrect his magic and apply it to the TORRENT. I conducted savage media experiments on myself and the BROADCAST as sensory overload + hypnotic pulsation + maximum chaos. Was this yet another delusional effect of the post real?

The Show that Controls Us All

You see, I have relinquished myself to gazing hypnotically at the 24/7 always-on FLOW of Information, THE BROADCAST and its Media Torrent, the Spectacle, the River of Noise that pulsates continuously from THE SHOW that controls us all.

Wall of Mediation

You can think of the Wall as concrete or steel, but in the XTreme TRUMPological non-stop 24/7 continuous flow…