If democracy depends on the free flow of information, it’s no wonder the over abundance of 24/7 media-on-tap has blown out the people’s ability to analyze and comprehend the fury that circulates through the nervous system of global communications.

The effects on human consciousness are exhausting, dizzying, spell-binding, nauseating and seductive, to the point of eroding whatever good intentions we may have had of carrying out due diligence in our ongoing participation in the political process.

And it is precisely this existential Nausea resulting from the rush of media-on-tap that drives us up against an ultimate cynical wall of fatigue-laden being and nothingness, a listlessness, and doomed state of “whatever.”

Behind the fury of the non-stop media assault is TRUMP himself, pouring fuel into the information engine to ignite the daily ideological battle of dueling punditry, aiming calculated social media missives with great precision that explode in the theater of political warfare.

There is no escape from the media-on-tap that flows incessantly through the myriad of channels & feeds that we consume daily from every orifice of our televisions, computers, tablets, and mobile devices: omniscient, everywhere, totalized, and ubiquitous.

Like the water that flows from the faucet, the rivers & streams that descend from the mountains, or the rain & snow that falls from the sky, the 24/7 media-on-tap is our daily sustenance, our nutrition, & our toxin: not so much to the body, but to the mind’s reason and capacity to engage in the rush of an increasingly turbulent mediated reality.

What do you think?