Media-on-Tap/Media Torrent

The material of the /// MEDIA TORRENT /// is gloriously rich and varied, full of constant jolts and juxtapositions, a seething crush of interruptions and abrasive motion, which steamrolls our ears and eyes with such force, we can no longer withstand the effects.


And yet, by subjecting THE MEDIA to my studio Work_FLOW, ALWAYS ON and streaming through the conduit of a studio-mechanized Media-on-Tap, certain things once invisible now come to Light.


Once our perception has been tweaked and adjusted by the filtered mechanisms of the compositional process, we become acutely aware of tricks of the /// TORRENT ///, the play on our consciousness, the distortion of our senses, all precisely tuned to fool our minds, while they eagerly embed a certain pre-determined bias into our thinking: until, unaware, we find ourselves hosting an opinion that subtly slipped right in through the neurological back door.