We Must Now Become a Media Weapon of Disinformation

We Must Now Become a Media Weapon of Disinformation.

Geopolitical systems are breaking down. It is the #NeWWWorlDisorder.

We must take up arms and signal a call-to-action by engaging the power of autonomous networks.

The established alignment of the political order is disassembling, fragmenting, falling apart.

We must grab hold of our media channels to express resistance through the activation of the mechanisms of disinformation, engaging in fakery and misrepresentation, virally spreading our words and actions far and wide and everywhere all at once through acts of socially-mediated-super-participation.

Globalization is in retreat, alliances are crumbling, relationships disintegrating.

We must cut through the ubiquitous noise of mass media by generating a propaganda counter-offensive of our own.

#NeWWWorlDisorder is the grand motif, the prevailing theme, an epic, indeterminate political strategy to bring it all down into a crashing chaos of crumbling institutional disruption.

We must fight back with an even greater avalanche of disinformation.

#NeWWWorlDisorder is revolution of the highest magnitude, played out on the world stage, a geo-mashup and disruption of the war on democracy and humanity.

We must retaliate with increasing entropy & disorder: broadcasting live from the streets, auto-generating memes, manufacturing fake news, leaking information, rattling our digits…

This anarchic intervention must be of such scope and magnitude, that it leaves behind only a disintegrating trace of memes and unrecognizable cultural artifacts, which loop endlessly in the resonant noise of the social/media echo chamber.

Most of all, we cannot be silent! We must aggregate!!

Welcome to the #NeWWWorlDisorder: the collective deconstruction of the political reality.

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