In the post reality, we no longer separate that which is real from that which is not.

In the 21st century, we have unwittingly become documentarians and autobiographers in our own personal and collective database narratives. Everyday, we work hard to update our demographics in social media profiles for the benefit of corporate profit and government surveillance. Our lives are increasingly public and decreasingly private in open source activity, tethered as we are to our mobile devices and smart phones. The digital natives coming of age in a hyper-connected, mediated society have no other concept of reality: they are the indigenous inhabitants of the post reality. The Post Reality Show, performed and broadcast live from the underground studio bunker in Washington DC, is both an unabashed acknowledgment and critical examination of both sides of the utopic/dystopic coin – a visceral experience of the virtual – to examine, exploit, and expose post reality conditions that are de riguer in a non-stop, 24/7, globally connected world.