Entertainment is a force

Entertainment is a force so overwhelming that it has finally metastasized into life.

Desert Return

We return to the desert: a place of dislocation, magic, survival, madness, radiation, and sub-sea-level euphoria.

Performance is Truer than Reality

Performance is truer than reality. Make your own reality. Rupture reality. Intent is everything. In the post reality, that’s all you need.

Intoxicating Embrace

Crash and burn in feverish disinformation. Critique of the media should allow for its intoxicating embrace.

Something Diabolical

There is something diabolical in the machine, something seductive, mesmerizing, and ultimately dangerous, terrifyingly beautiful.

Entertaining Nightmare

This will be an entertaining nightmare of ingestion and recapitulation.

A Situation

Every moment presents itself as a situation, to be expanded into a comedy.

Endless Context

Feed the media stream with endless context and magnifications.